CoinBundle  (BNDL) Active for 13 days

UPDATE 27-3-18 The referral reward is decreased from 300 to 100. The total bonus in airdrop is going down from 1300 to 1100.

CoinBundle is the best way to invest in Cryptocurrencies for a new investor. We help you buy carefully curated bundles of CryptoCurrencies with one-click, the ideal approach according to experts. Choose your bundles according to your own risk profile, and let us take care of the rest.

CoinBundle is giving away 1300 BNDL tokens in two different airdrops to participants. You can earn an extra 300 BNDL for each friend referred.

How to join?

Airdrop 1 

  • 1. Go site
  • 2. Click on ”Get early access & free tokens”
  • 3. Submit your email address
  • 4. Refer friends to earn extra 300 BNDL for friend invited

Airdrop 2

  • Follow the steps on this page to receive additional 1000 BNDL for free.

Estimated value: $60 + referral

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