Decibels  (DCBL) Active for 18 days

Decibels is partnering with top crypto wallet developers and debit card companies to offer Decibels creators direct access to their earnings through ATM and NFC Payment (touchless payment) applications! This means no more waiting for checks or bank deposits to arrive. Creators can use their earnings immediately,..

Decibels is rated differently from high riskby ICO Holder to a moderate 3.4 by ICO Bench.

Decibels is now airdropping 10,000 DCBL in their airdrop/bounty campaign. Final round of bounty started with a new program. Check your previous stakes in this list.

How to join?

  1. You must register in ICO Panel before distribution to receive your tokens! Anybody NOT registered within ICO Panel will receive their tokens much later after complete review!
  2. Go to airdrop page
  3. Sign up with you name, ETH address and email address. Go to your dashboard and start earning entries/stakes.

Estimated value: $1-10

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