Disciplina  (DSCP) Active for 13 days

UPDATE 26-3-18 You can now earn more tokens: up to 4 DSCP for free, which is worth 0.002 ETH.

DISCIPLINA mission: To create a multifunctional blockchain for keeping a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications to generate scoring for every user of the platform. TeachMePlease will be the first project based on the Disciplina blockchain platform.

Disciplina is rated 4.2/5 by ICO Bench. Disciplina is airdropping up to 4 DSCP for signing up and completing social media tasks. Note: you have to pass KYC

How to join?

  1. Register on account.disciplina.ioThe airdrop token will be added on your personal account. You have to pass KYC.
  2. Go to airdrop form.
  3. Join Telegram, Follow on Twitter and subscribe on Youtube. All links are provided on airdrop form. For every entry you receive 1 DSCP. If you complete all 3 entries, you receive 4 DSCP.

Token distribution is after crowdsale. More info and airdrop rules in this blog.

Estimated value: 0.002 ETH

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