DocTailor  (DOCT) Active for 5 days

DocTailor’s mission is to lay the foundation to enable non-crypto businesses to access the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency economy; at the same time, pave the way for organizations and individuals, to create self automated tailor-made agreements and smart contracts to assist in their acceleration of crypto business deals. DocTailor is rated 4.1/5 by ICO Bench.

DocTailor is airdropping 250 DOCT tokens for completing social media tasks, Token price 1 ETH = 2700 DOCT.

How to join?

  • 1. Go to airdrop form
  • 2. Complete social media tasks on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram. All links are provided in form.
  • 3. Submit your ETH address and other details to form

Estimated value: up to $35

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