Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

A Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a free Cryptocoin giveaway. It is a common practice for new Cryptocurrency to reward early adopters by reserving part of their coin supply for free distribution. In some cases you receive the free coins must perform an action such as site registration, follow a social account, a bot messages, etc. This is generally referred to as a Bounty.

How do I get free crypto coins?

Many new Cryptocurrency start giving away part of their coin stock as a way to get interest in their currencies and start building their community. All Cryptocoins mentioned on this site give away free coins.

Has Bitcoin ever given away free coins?

Yes. In the early days of Bitcoin there was a ‘Bitcoin Faucet’, which gave away 5 Bitcoins per visitor. This was essentially a Bitcoin Airdrop.

Do crypto coins such as Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum ever offer free Cryptocurrency via Airdrop or in another way?

No. Established cryptocurrency such as these no longer give away coins because they are just too valuable. Most Cryptocurrency terminates free Cryptocoin promotions after they are available for purchase, have reached an exchange or run out their initially allocated offer for free distribution.

How many cryptocurrencies do free crypto coins give away?

Not every new cryptocurrency gives out coins for free. However, many do, and there are new Cryptocurrencies starting each day. We tend to find at least a few new Cryptocurrencies that distribute free coins every day.

If so many Cryptocoins flood the market, Are Airdrops worth it even if I  get it for free?

Blockchain technology and decentralization are changing the world. Many fantastic cryptocurrencies with incredible potential starts all the time. We are still in the initial phase of Cryptocurrency and nobody knows what the future will be. Who knows, some coins that start today may be worth some day, $ 100, $ 500 even $ 5,000. Every opportunity to get free Cryptocoins without risk is worth it, even if they are worth nothing. You never know!