STOX  (STX) Active for 38 days

Stox is an open source prediction market based on Bancor. Being driven by the wisdom of the crowd, Stox will enable people to predict and trade on the outcome of sports, games, finance and many other markets in an intuitive and simple way. The Stox digital token (STX) is used to pay fees, collaterals and act as the primary currency for investments in event outcomes.

STOX has a post-ICO promotion ongoing! Stox brings you the most interesting predictions about upcoming ICOs. Participate by making predictions and even win real STX (and other crypto tokens) from prize pools. STOX is listed on Coinmarketcap!

STOX was also promoted by Floyd Mayweather click for the article.

How to join:

  1. Sign-up here 
  2. Get free 5 STX in your wallet (non-withdrawable)
  3. Use the 5 STX on the STOX platform to make predictions
  4. Win prizes 5 – 1500 STX (1STX is around 0.5$)

Read more about rules and prizes in this blog.

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